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  • Fall '13

    This is a copy of Trend magazine in flipbook format. What's interactive, is that each advertising page is linked to the business' website. Click on the page and it will take you away to the website for more information about what you are looking at. To get back bookmark Enjoy our flipbooks and subscribe to the worlds finest magazine in print too. We believe magazines are meant to be read and we appreciate that you do too! Advertise in the magazine that matters and evolves. Read More
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    Trend has developed a unique and beloved magazine niche that reflects the distinctive expressions that flow throughout the artistic community of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We emphasize both the region’s timeless aesthetic as well as its evolving contemporary art forms, serving as an informative and inspirational source for art, architecture, design, and luxury living. Every issue is worth reading again and again, readers save them and share them with friends and family; be sure to subscribe. Read More
  • EcoSource

    EcoSource is a new publication that explores sustainable action in northern New Mexico, emphasizing trends in architecture, design, new energy, green technology and lifestyle. In the pages of EcoSource, you’ll find in-depth features on businesses devoted to building and retrofitting green homes, providing clean energy and more. The magazine also includes interviews with leaders in green technology, families successfully living off the grid, architects, designers, chefs, farmers, and other innovative business people. Read More
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Trend’s mission is to explore and celebrate New Mexico’s uniqueness while emphasizing both its timeless aesthetic and its evolving contemporary art forms. Nowhere else in the world is there such a fascinating intermingling of cultural influences, tradition, and innovation. Readers buy Trend across the country at specialty newsstands, airports, and grocery stores. They are seen in New Mexico's finest hotel rooms and given as gifts by Businesses who advertise to their prestigious clientele who believe in Trends motto: " When only the best will do!"

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